Who We Are & What We Do


Providing  Christ centered, spiritually effective, emotional, educational, and physical tools resulting in a greater opportunity for life-long recovery from the illness of addiction.


Refuge Recovery Center is a non-profit residential treatment center serving those suffering from substance use disorder. We are not a traditional short-term rehabilitation facility. RRC includes multiple types of recovery resources, including the 12-step program and therapeutic professional services in our treatment curriculum's. Opportunities to move forward in the recovery process are also presented in a traditional educational and social reform standpoint to each resident at no out of pocket cost to them or their families. This is a proven program that works for anyone willing to adopt it. Our primary purpose is to provide each resident with the spiritually effective tools necessary for life-long recovery from the illness of substance use disorder and the beginning of a reasonably happy life. Unlike other illness, the process of recovery from the illness of substance use disorder is unique in that it requires the full compliance of the host to be successful. RRC requires all participants to willingly enter the residential program.